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Meet your hosts – Duane and Rae Parkin

Duane was born in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan a few years back and was raised on a farm south west of Kitscoty, Alberta. Duane grew up living what he says is the greatest life including hunting, trapping and fishing alongside his father, grandfathers and family and friends. Duane started honing his tracking and hunting skills from the time he was old enough to tag along. These years were filled with many memories for Duane and that allowed him to learn life and wilderness skills that only time and knowledge can achieve. These lessons have given him skills second to none. Duane’s ability to locate and find whatever species he pursues is not a gift, it is due to his upbringing and his ability to retain detail as to the habits and surroundings of the animals he per sues, along with the great deal of time that he has spent in bush with wildlife learning and understanding each one of them as individuals. Duane has a knack for calling most game and says his persistence and knowledge gives him an edge on most when it comes to finding the game he is after. All these skills sparked another interest in Duane at the early age of 12 and he decided to try his hand at taxidermy. It didn’t take long for Duane to become very proficient at the art of taxidermy. He has won many awards for his mounts and says that it is most enjoyable thing he does .Duane says although he cannot put life back into the specimens he recreates, he does his best to make them seem like they could walk or fly away from the realistic mounts he creates. Duane is a perfectionist and with his keen eye for detail, reference material, and knowledge of wildlife, he makes his art seem effortless. Duane says each one of his mounts is unique in their own way, as no two animals are the same anymore than two people are the same. Duane spends countless hours in the wild studying, photographing, or just watching nature and how it fits into the surroundings. He then uses this knowledge to create unbelievable reality to his craft. Duane says a lot of people do not understand the enjoyment that being a hunter, fisherman, and sportsman brings to him, his family, friends and many clients. Duane gets upset when people judge what he does without actually trying it for themselves and basing their opinion on what they hear or read. Duane says he gives back to wildlife far more than he takes and wishes all people had the same morals and understanding as the way he was raised. He says he is lucky to live this lifestyle. If you have never tried it how can you have an opinion against it? Duane had a fire and lost everything he owned including his extensive taxidermy collection, pictures of hunts and taxidermy of yesteryear, and several awards but he says nobody was hurt and that’s the main thing.

Duane met the love of his life Rae and they currently reside in Leduc, Alberta. They have seven children and stepchildren between their combined relationships. Rae and Duane have recently purchased a quarter section of land between Drayton Valley and Leduc and it is here where they will be developing their permanent home. Duane and Rae will be building a brand new taxidermy studio and shop and are hoping to be back into fulltime taxidermy by early 2014.The guiding and outfitting remains operational and Duane is fully booked for 2012, but says he can still take on a few more cougar hunts for this season. Duane and Rae are working hard to achieve the goal of being set up in their new spot early in the fall of 2013.
Duane has got Rae hooked on hunting and she has taken game with her rifle but has yet to connect with her bow and arrow. Rae says the time will come as she has been very close to success on a couple of occasions but held off because of less than ideal presented shots. Rae is also a detail person, so between the two of them you can count on a great experience with Wilderness TNT!
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Duane and Rae Parkin