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If being 120 miles off of a black top road, in the middle of some of the most beautiful and remote woods god gave us to enjoy sounds like fun. Then this hunt is for you. We (Duane Parkin, Ronnie Whitaker and myself Jeff Crochet) were DEEP into Northern Alberta BUSH after Bull Moose and Black Bear with Wilderness TNT Outfitters.

Duane made sure we were in the middle of the bush where the wildlife could be found, but he also made sure we had all the comforts of home. Roughing it we did not. One full size guide tent was for cooking with wood heater, gas stove and oven and a refrigerator. The other full size guide tent was the sleeping quarters with wood heater and extra-large cots made for some mighty fine sleeping. We set the tents up over moose tracks, so we were in their living rooms. We could walk from the tents and start hunting in ten minutes; we even spotted moose from the tents. He also had a quad (4-wheeler) and an Argo so we could cover more ground.

After a failed attempt at a trophy Bull with my bow I ended up calling and taking my first (but not last) Bull Moose with a rifle just a short walk from camp. These things are HUGE, like 1100+ lbs. and after we had the thing down I thought to myself WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH THIS MONSTOR. After all down here in Louisiana all we have are deer and alligator size game to deal with. Well of course Duane said nooo problem. Well if you watched the video it really was not nearly as bad as I thought. We even processed and vacuum packed that whole Moose and froze it in the chest freezer Duane had on the trailer, not many outfitters offer that in the bush. What a trip, out hunting all day knowing there is not another person around for miles. I really think most of the wildlife there has never encountered a human. Then at night after some good eats we would sit around a nice fire and talk about the daily events, wonder what the rest of the world was doing and look at the amazing Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

At the time the Bears didn’t come to the bait sites liked Duane wanted but we still managed to stalk and take two nice Black Bear. We ended up taking one Bull Moose, two Black Bear, numerous Grouse and missed another two Bull Moose that got away. If you think a hunt like this will wipe all of the stress and worry from today’s hustle and bustle way of life than you are right.

I highly recommend a hunt like this and make sure you do it through Wilderness TNT, my good friends Rae and Duane Parkin.

Good Hunting